We are still open, and with safer alternatives to hospital visits. We are the only area podiatry practice to provide Lower Extremity Foot and Ankle MRI (Joliet Office), and Telemedicine services are available to all. We also offer next day appointments. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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Self Pay Rates

Joliet ~ Orland Park


New Patient Visit                                                        $100.00

X-Rays                                                                         $40.00

Ingrown Toenail Procedure                                        $250.00

(Includes Follow Up Visit)

Custom Orthotics                                                        $397.00

Shockwave (EPAT)                                                     $450.00

(Includes 3 Treatments)

Fungal Laser Toenail Treatment                                $500.00

Last Updated: April 2018

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