Foot & Ankle Conditions

If your feet don’t work, you don’t work!

The importance of foot care cannot be underestimated. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Centers of Illinois, we do everything in our power to improve how your feet and ankles function. Feet are at the foundation of everything you do, and by restoring healthy feet we can help restore you to activities and lifestyle you love.

Don’t wait until you’re consumed by pain, can no longer wear regular shoes, or can no longer completely your daily tasks. At the first sign of discomfort, seek treatment. We can assist you in diagnosing, preventing, and treating a full range of foot and ankle conditions using the latest research, tools, and techniques.

Conditions We Treat

All of our offices provide comprehensive foot and ankle care (conservative and surgical) for conditions such as:

Specialty Services

The Advanced Foot and Ankle Centers of Illinois are serious about providing you with the best-trained physicians and state-of-the-art treatment options. All our doctors regularly confer with one another to ensure you benefit from our combined experience.


All of our offices provide:

  • Custom orthotics fitting using 3-D scan technology.
  • Same-day procedures for ingrown toenail removal.
  • On-site X-ray and ultrasound diagnostics.
  • Electronic medical records for quick, efficient, and convenient office visits.
  • Comprehensive conservative and surgical care options

Technologies and services available at one or more of our offices include:

  • PADnet vascular testing for early detection of circulatory system conditions.
  • Shockwave therapy for chronic soft tissue injuries like tendinitis and plantar fasciitis.
  • MLS laser therapy.
  • Aquaroll aquatic foot therapy.
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser for warts and ingrown toenails.

Start on the Path to Better Foot Health

Whether you’re in serious pain or just in need of a routine checkup, the experts at Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois are here to keep your feet in top shape. Please feel free to browse this website at your leisure to learn more about the many conditions we treat and services we provide. To schedule an appointment, contact the office nearest to you.

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