Poor Foot Circulation

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If you’re used to having cold hands and feet, you may not recognize that it could be a medical concern. It’s simply something you’ve always had to deal with. However, if your cold feet also feel tingly or numb often, you probably have poor blood circulation.

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois, we work closely with our patients to improve circulation in feet. We are dedicated to improving the foot health of individuals in the Chicago, IL area and making sure poor circulation doesn’t lead to worse problems.

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Causes of Poor Circulation

Poor circulation is often a side effect of another health concern. Your lack of adequate blood flow may be caused by:

  • Diabetes
  • Blood clots
  • Obesity
  • Restricted blood vessels
  • Blocked arteries
  • Peripheral artery disease

If you have poor circulation or suspect that you have poor circulation, you will need to have your feet examined. If not treated, this condition can lead to further issues, including tissue death.

Here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Centers, we offer an in clinic and same day blood flow test (ABI) to further evaluate your blood flow. This procedure is pain-free and can provide valuable information.

Although we can’t solve the underlying problem if something like diabetes is causing poor circulation in your feet, there are steps we can take to improve your circulation and lessen the pain or muscle cramps you may be experiencing.


When you visit our office, you will work with a podiatrist to set up a treatment plan that will work for your specific needs. We may recommend lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking or improving your diet, or medical treatments like medication or surgery.

All the doctors at our offices are licensed podiatric surgeons, so we are capable of providing any treatment you need. We are also open on the weekends in order to make appointments more convenient for our patients.

If you are experiencing muscle weakness, cold extremities, or numbness, come see us right away. Request an appointment at the office nearest to you.

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