Diabetic Foot Care

Helping you overcome your foot and ankle pain through our advanced facilities so you can get back to doing the things you love …and work.

Whether you are a long-term sufferer of diabetes or you have just been diagnosed, you are likely aware that diabetes can harm your feet. Foot pain, numbness, infections, and even tissue death are all risks you face without proper care. 

If you have diabetes, it is a good idea to look into receiving diabetic foot care as regularly as possible. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Centers of Illinois, we perform examinations and provide treatment options for our patients to ensure they maintain healthy and functional feet. Having diabetes does not mean you are doomed to have foot problems, and we can help make this a reality.

Feet and Diabetes

Diabetes can significantly affect your feet due to narrowed arteries and damaged peripheral nerves. Here are some conditions that associate with diabetes:

    • Peripheral artery disease (PAD): this reduces blood circulation to the feet, leading to foot pain, leg weakness, and extreme cold. It can even result in gangrene and limb loss.
    • Peripheral neuropathy: can impair sensation in the feet, making it difficult to detect injuries and affecting foot placement while walking or standing.
  • Other common foot problems in diabetics:

Proper foot care and regular monitoring are essential for individuals with diabetes to prevent and manage these issues.

Our Diabetic Foot Care

Our offices around the Chicago metro area will thoroughly examine your feet and test for signs of poor blood flow or damaged nerves. Some treatment options you might need include: 

  • Proper fitting shoes or diabetic shoes
  • Custom orthotics
  • Techniques to encourage blood flow
  • Doing a daily foot check to prevent complications

With our doctor-authorized care regimens, you can prevent most major foot problems. If you have diabetes and are worried about your feet, contact us today. We have several offices throughout Illinois, so call the one closest to you.

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