Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery

If you have a bunion that is as bothersome as it is painful, our podiatrists may recommend bunion surgery. Bunion surgery is the only way to permanently remove a bunion that has formed on your foot, all other treatments will focus on reducing the symptoms of the bunion. 

Patients undergo surgery when in-office conservative treatments have not eased their pain or improved their mobility. Since bunions can get worse over time, a bunion can become so intrusive that the big toe begins to cross over the toe next to it, making this deformity one that needs to be addressed through surgical means.

Lapiplasty Versus Traditional Bunion Surgeries

Many different surgical approaches have been developed to remove bunions. The latest, and most advanced, significantly reduces the risk of recurrence by targeting the bunion’s root cause. This surgery is called lapiplasty. 

Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery

In order to understand and appreciate what lapiplasty surgery is, it is important to first acknowledge that bunions are not just simple bony growths on the side of your foot that can be shaved off. Rather, bunions are complex deformities that develop when the joint at the base of the big toe becomes unstable. Lapiplasty bunion surgery focuses on fixing this unstable joint, repositioning it back to the correct place, and preventing it from becoming unstable again in the future.

Traditional Bunion Surgeries

Traditional bunion surgeries include osteotomy, exostectomy (bunionectomy), and resection arthroplasty. An osteotomy involves making small incisions to cut the bones in the big toe and realign them using pins, plates, and/or screws. An exostectomy does not realign the toe; instead, this procedure focuses on removing the bony growth. Resection arthroplasty creates an empty, flexible space in the toe by extracting the damaged tissue and allowing it to bend like a normal joint.

Bunion needing lapiplasty bunion surgery

What are the Advantages of Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery?

Lapiplasty is a breakthrough surgical procedure that our podiatrists at Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois are excited to offer our patients. Lapiplasty offers numerous advantages, including:

More Dependable Long-Term Results

Lapiplasty is described by podiatrists across the United States as a 3D solution to a 3D problem. By correcting and stabilizing the entire metatarsal bone, the surgery involves restoring that bone to its proper alignment, which eradicates the bump and straightens the toe. By fusing the unstable joint with titanium plates, the correction is permanently secured, which means dependable, long-term results for you.

Quicker Recovery to Get Back on Your Feet

Undergoing surgery can be inconvenient, especially because recovery times can be quite lengthy. One huge benefit of lapiplasty is that patients can expect a much faster recovery time. After a traditional bunionectomy, most patients cannot put any weight on their foot until around six weeks after surgery. With lapiplasty, many patients are back on their feet and walking in a boot within a few days to a few weeks.

Minimal Incisions for Quicker Healing

Some bunion surgeries involve big incisions. That is not the case with lapiplasty. Tiny incisions are made to accomplish the goal of returning the metatarsal bone to its normal alignment. Since the incisions are minimal, your recovery time will be significantly shortened.

What to Expect from Bunion Surgery

No matter what type of bunion surgery you undergo, it will be important to understand all the details of the procedure. Our podiatrists will be happy to provide you with all information you need to know about the surgery, as well as answer your questions and address your concerns.

If you are a candidate for lapiplasty, it is helpful to know that this is typically an outpatient procedure (meaning that you can return home the same day). The duration of the surgery is approximately one hour. You will be given anesthesia before the procedure begins. When you wake up and enter the recovery phase, your care team will ensure that you have all the post-operative instructions you need. You will be encouraged to contact our podiatrists with any questions or concerns and schedule a follow-up appointment so we can evaluate your progress toward healing after your lapiplasty bunion surgery. 

Let Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois Fix Your Bunions

Our knowledgeable and dedicated podiatrists at the Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois are here for you, and they will recommend lapiplasty surgery if they think it may be the best treatment method for your bunion(s).

Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois operates eight convenient locations. We encourage you to request an appointment. Remember, bunions will not go away on their own without proper treatment. We can provide the treatment you need so that your bunion does not disrupt your routine and your lifestyle.

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