Regenerative Medicines

Determining the most effective treatment for a patient’s foot or ankle problems means always remaining open to new possibilities.

While there are many traditional types of therapy that have stood the test of time for good reason, we also stay up to date with new advances. These new technologies and techniques open new options for patient care, and can many times offer faster, more efficient, and more comfortable ways to find relief.

One field we are always staying current with is regenerative medicine, and we’re proud to provide many of these advances to patients who need them.

mls laser therapy

Regenerative Medicine – Working With Your Body

While many aspects of regenerative medicine can be considered “cutting edge,” its foundation as a whole lies in the body’s own natural healing and recovery processes.

The regenerative therapies we offer work by stimulating (or sometimes restarting) cellular repair functions in the body, as well as promoting pain relief, a reduction in inflammation, and other positive effects.

All of this can be accomplished without the need for surgery or synthetic medications, too. When we say we are using the body’s own elements, we mean it!

Our experts have invested great amounts of time and study to be able to integrate these treatments into our available options, increasing our capability to treat each patient’s individual needs to the best of our abilities.

Types of Regenerative Therapies at Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois

We employ multiple regenerative treatment methods at our practice. Some of them first became popular with professional athletic teams or other institutions, and are now gradually becoming more available in settings such as ours.

Whatever the form of treatment, we will always discuss all of your options with you as they apply to your needs, and provide our best recommendations on how to move forward.

  • Aquaroll Therapy (Joliet and Orland Park Offices) – A patient submerges their feet in warm water filled with 30,000 small, glass beads. These beads shift and rotate tightly against the feet, stimulating blood flow—which in turn helps promote faster healing, pain relief, and reduction of inflammation. A safe treatment for patients who have diabetes and nerve damage in the feet.
  • MLS Laser Therapy (Joliet, Orland Park, Kenosha, and Hoffman Estates Offices) – Particularly effective at treating soft tissue injuries, MLS laser therapy sends very specific frequencies of light energy into the site of damage. This stimulates blood flow, increases the working rates of cells for repairs, and increases the body’s immune response to the area. This all can result in faster healing and increased pain relief that stacks with each successive treatment session.
  • StaminaPro (Joliet and Orland Park Offices) – This inflammation treatment takes the form of patches that are charged with multiple natural remedies, as well as electrons. Each patch is effective for 24 hours, is waterproof, and can be worn throughout the day.
  • UltraMIST Therapy (Joliet and Hoffman Estates Offices) – This wound and burn treatment therapy applies low-frequency ultrasound waves through a non-contact fluid at the site of damage, creating a mist. The mist cleans and debrides the wound, while also increasing blood flow—and the transport of growth and healing factors—to the area.

The Most Effective Treatments for Your Foot and Ankle Needs

Although regenerative medicine is among our latest technologies, that does not mean we will always consider them first for every case that comes through our door.

Different problems and personal needs require different approaches to treatment, and if something more traditional, such as physical therapy or custom orthotics, can provide the right type of care, we will absolutely consider them. In some cases, a mix of traditional and regenerative therapies may be recommended.

To find any form of treatment for your foot and ankle needs, though, you must take the first step and reach out to us. Call any of our offices, or fill out our online contact form to have a member of our staff respond during our standard office hours.

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