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You try to keep yourself as healthy as possible. But do you consider how different parts of your body factor into your overall health? For example, if you don’t take care of your feet properly, you could develop conditions that may cause you unnecessary pain and tenderness.

One such condition is a hammertoe. If you suffer from this condition, you’ll want to meet with a podiatrist to fix the issue. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Centers of Illinois, we specialize in helping our patients find relief so they can continue with their day-to-day routines.

Learn About Hammertoes

Though a hammertoe isn’t as severe as other foot injuries or conditions, it can cause frustration and discomfort. When the muscles and ligaments around the middle joints in your toe become imbalanced, the joint bends and sticks in place. The toe often looks like a hammer, hence the name “hammertoe.”

Typically, you can develop a hammertoe on your second, third, or fourth toes. However, you can develop the condition on your big and little toes in rare circumstances. Additionally, you can develop hammertoes if you have arthritis, have suffered from an injury to the toes, wear poor-fitting footwear, or if you have a flat or too-high arch.

Mens hammer toes before surgery

Discover How a Podiatrist Can Help

Depending on the severity of your hammertoe, a podiatrist may recommend one or more of the following treatment options:

  • New shoes that fit properly and have enough room in the toe area (at least half an inch longer than your longest toe)
  • Toe exercises
  • Strips, nonmedicated corn pads, or cushions

In rare cases, surgery is necessary to reverse the effects of a hammertoe. Your podiatrist will let you know which option will best alleviate your symptoms.

Relieve Your Pain Today

If you think you have a hammertoe, make an appointment with an expert podiatrist in Chicago, IL. Get in touch with any of our offices in Illinois, or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. No matter what ails you, trust Advanced Foot and Ankle Centers of Illinois to provide you with relief.

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