Ingrown Toenails

Same day ingrown toenail procedures that take away your pain and prevent it from returning.

Do you have pain in the corners of your toenail? No matter how much you try to trim or file it, is it still bothering you? If so, you may be suffering from an ingrown toenail. Ingrown toenail, also known as onychocryptosis, is a common condition that can affect an individual regardless of his or her age or health. It may occur on the left or right side of the nail, or even sometimes on both sides!

What Causes Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails may occur from improper trimming of the nail, where there is a sharp edge on either corner of the nail. This condition can also occur from how the nail is growing. One example is pincer nail, where there is an over curvature of the nail on both sides. As one can imagine, the over curvature of the nail can cause pain in both corners of the nail by pinching into the soft tissue below it.

The symptoms of the affected corner may only initially be pain with pressure or in shoe gear. However, if left untreated, it may become inflamed and the affected corner may turn red and swell. At its worst, it could result in a localized infection with purulence, which is a milky-colored discharge.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should see a podiatrist. A simple visit can alleviate your pain and put you back on your feet!

Onyfix – The Best Treatment for Ingrown Toenails

There is nothing more agonizing than painful feet. This is true when it comes down to toenails.

When toenails curve as they grow out, the toenail causes the adjacent skin to thicken and causes discomfort. Or when an ingrown toenail tears into the adjoining skin, it causes swelling. Either condition affects your feet’s health and wellbeing. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois, we offer a less invasive method of treating your ingrown or involuted toenails.

If you suffer from any of these conditions, you may qualify for our Onyfix nail correction system performed exclusively at the Joliet location.

What is Onyfix?

Rather than removing an ingrown toenail, the Onyfix nail correction system takes an ingrown toenail and reshapes it to its normal growth without pain. To do so, we first prepare the nail by removing dead, damaged or infected tissue from the nail and cleaning it. After the nail is prepared, we spread the Onyfix compound and shape the nail with it. The Onyfix nail correction system affixes to the nail, so as the nail grows out, the band keeps the shape of the nail naturally without any pain or tension. To receive optimal results, you may need to apply the treatment more than once.

Does Onyfix Work on All Nails?

For most patients, the Onyfix nail correction system band works well. The application will adhere to the nail so you can resume and physical activity. The Onyfix band allows you to have a productive lifestyle. For example, if you suffer from diabetes, Onyfix works well because it’s not invasive. Since there is no need to break the skin, the risk of infection or complications is low.

However, there may be some patients with medical conditions that prohibit them from using Onyfix. Our medical experts will discuss your medical records with you and let you know if Onyfix is the best treatment for you.

Other Available Treatment Options

Nail Avulsion

A nail avulsion is a procedure that is performed in the office. The affected toe will be numbed and a small sliver of the affected border will be removed. The nail is removed from the far tip of the toe to the matrix, which is where the nail grows. After the procedure, the toe will be wrapped up. You can even shower and get that toe wet later that night. With this procedure, the nail will grow back.

Chemical Matrixectomy

Chemical matrixectomy is a procedure that is similar to nail avulsion, as it is also performed in the office. The only difference is that a chemical called phenol is applied to the nail matrix. This chemical creates a burn that is similar to a third degree burn. The goal of this procedure is to prevent the nail from growing back.

Laser Ablation

Here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Centers of Illinois, we offer laser ablation in office. There is no need to go to the operating room for it. This procedure involves surgically removing the nail matrix of the involved border and then using a laser to destroy the nail matrix of the offending border. Similar to chemical matrixectomy, the nail will not grow back.

Treat Ingrown Toenails Now

More importantly, if your ingrown or obstructed toenail is infected, Onyfix cannot be applied. It is imperative we treat the infection first and then decipher whether Onyfix is the best recourse. If the infected toenail is severe, removal of the entire or partial nail might need to be considered.

Don’t wait to get treatment for your ingrown toenails. Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois is ready to address your medical needs and provide you with compassionate care.

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