We are the only area podiatry practice to provide Lower Extremity Foot and Ankle MRI (Joliet Office).

Understanding Your Heel Pain (and What to Do About It)

If you are living with heel pain, you know that it can be a nightmare. Not only can it take a toll on you physically, but also mentally – given that it can pull you away from the activities you love to do. Remember though, pain is not a normal thing. In fact, it is a sign that something is wrong and that’s where we come in.

Don’t let heel pain be a consistent problem for you. We are offering a free guide to help you understand what is causing your pain and when you should seek treatment. Fill out the form below to receive an email with a downloadable PDF of our heel pain guide, ‘Understanding Your Heel Pain (and What to Do About It).

As always, remember that pain doesn’t have to be a normal part of life. If you are in need of immediate assistance, reach out to one of our offices or click the “Request an Appointment” button below. 

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