Reduce Pain and Inflammation with StaminaPro Patches

​​Pain and Inflammation from Sports Injuries

When you work hard all week so you can play all weekend, the last thing you want is to get benched by an injury on the field. Foot and ankle injuries can be especially frustrating because you don’t get much chance to recover when you’re on your feet every day. Injuries, overuse, and even poorly fitting shoes or skates can cause pain and inflammation. If you don’t take proper care of an injured foot or ankle, it could worsen and take longer to heal. And that keeps you out of the game longer.

Injuries to the soft tissues of the foot and ankle can take a long time to heal – as long as six months. That’s a long time to be living with pain and inflammation. It’s also a long time to bench yourself for an injury! While rest is important for your recovery, it’s also important to stay active to keep your tendons, ligaments, and muscles strong and flexible.   

When you’re ready to get back into the game after an injury, you may need to tape or wrap your foot and ankle to prevent re-injury.

It can also help to wear a StaminaPro Active Recovery patch to reduce pain and inflammation.

Taping foot and ankle to prevent injury

How StaminaPro Works

The StaminaPro Active Recovery patch is an all-natural treatment for inflammation that uses electroceutical technology – energy medicine – to deliver healing energy to your injured tissue. Our body’s own cells use tiny electrical impulses to send signals between the body and brain. The StaminaPro patch works with those electrical impulses to relieve pain and restore balance.

Sound like science fiction? Using electrical impulses as medicine isn’t as far out as it sounds. It’s actually the same concept that’s used in medical devices like pacemakers and cochlear implants.

The patches send electrons to your injury from natural healing remedies like antioxidants, magnesium, and amino acids, which are known to reduce inflammation. A single patch lasts for 24 hours and is safe to wear while exercising, showering, or even swimming.

Woman with ankle injury from running

When StaminaPro Would be Recommended

StaminaPro can be used on muscles that are sore, stiff, and inflamed from hard work or overuse to relieve pain and support recovery. They can also be used on injuries like strains, sprains, shin splints, or those painful points of contact with the ground or another player.

Applying a patch to an injury or strain before activity helps prevent inflammation and pain, so all you have to worry about is playing your best and having fun. Patients using the patches report less fatigue, reduced inflammation, better performance, and a faster recovery!

Want to know more about how StaminaPro Active Recovery patches can help you? Contact our Joliet or Orlando Park office for a consultation.

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