Remy Laser Therapy Benefits for Patients

Jan 13, 2021

For many common foot and ankle conditions, there isn’t necessarily only one exact, specific treatment method that will bring about successful pain relief and restoration of function. In most cases, you will have several different treatment options that can all ultimately lead you to your desired outcome.

But it’s not always just about the outcome. The journey is also important. Because, everything else being equal, you’d rather get better comfortably, quickly, easily, and safely—as opposed to treatments that take longer, come with more downsides, or have more risks. Right?

Of course! And that’s why the Remy Laser system, a versatile tool that can aid in the treatment of many conditions (including chronic pain, fungal toenails, warts, and post-surgical recovery), can offer so many benefits for patients at our Joliet office!

What Is the Remy System?

Before we run through the checklist of benefits, let’s talk about what Remy actually is. You can read more details on our service page for Remy Laser, but here’s the short summary:

Remy is a small but powerful and extremely versatile Class IV therapeutic laser system. Like some other therapeutic lasers (including the MLS system, which we also have available), Remy works primarily by using laser energy to stimulate your body’s own natural healing and anti-inflammatory systems.

One thing that makes Remy different is the wide range of customizable settings that allow it to be precisely tailored to the specific needs of the individual patient and condition. Despite being a relatively small device physically, Remy is capable of a very high peak and average power for a therapeutic laser. It also has four wavelength settings (capable of dual and quad modes), continuous and pulse operation modes, multiple interchangeable handpieces, and more.

But let’s not get too deep in the weeds on the technical specifications—although we’re happy to fill you in more if you’re interested! The point is simply that Remy gives us lots of options in order to provide a form of laser therapy that’s optimized for your specific diagnosis.

remy laser

The Big Benefits of Remy

So why would a patient consider making Remy a part of their treatment protocols? There are many significant advantages.

  • Faster pain relief. Many patients report a significant reduction in painful symptoms almost immediately, right after the first treatment session. 
  • Faster healing. Therapy with Remy can accelerate (or to some degree even “kick-start”) the body’s natural healing mechanisms. In other words, it doesn’t just make the pain go away; it makes you better, providing a quicker return to full health and better long-term results. If you work on your feet or love to play sports, Remy may be able to help you get back in the action much more quickly than traditional treatments alone.
  • Few if any side effects. Whether being used for chronic pain, surgical recovery, or other applications, treatment itself is painless and side effects are extremely rare. 
  • It can reduce your risk of complications. Use of Remy after a surgical procedure can help the surgical site repair and recover faster, lessening the chances of infection or other complications.
  • It’s drug free. Remy doesn’t require you to take any medications or undergo any injections—not even anesthesia. Despite being “high tech,” it’s an entirely natural way to treat pain. All it does is activate and stimulate natural processes. Your body does all the work!
  • It can save you a lot of money. Remy treatments themselves are affordable, but the savings can really add up when you consider that a few laser therapy appointments could eliminate the need for expensive physical therapy sessions, continued use of pain-killing medications, and even future medical procedures or surgeries.

Is Remy Right For Me?

Because it is fast, convenient, extremely safe, and effective for a wide range of conditions, we frequently recommend Remy laser therapy as either a primary or complementary treatment option for patients of all ages and a wide variety of foot and ankle problems.

That said, the doctors at Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois work hard to provide their patients with a large selection of some the most advanced treatment options on the market, including the Remy laser, MLS laser therapyshockwave therapyStaminaPro patchesAquaroll therapy, and much more.

And of course, not all foot problems require an “advanced” approach. Some still respond quite well to “good old-fashioned” methods like rest, stretching, and better shoes.

Our goal is never to force you into any one particular mode of treatment, but to evaluate your condition fully, explain your options to you, and develop a custom treatment plan you’re comfortable with that addresses your specific needs. We want you feeling better leaving our office than you did coming in!

So don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re dealing with any kind of foot problem. We’re here to help! Just click here to request an appointment online, or check the listings below for contact information for our specific offices. (Currently, Remy laser therapy is offered exclusively at our Joliet office.)

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