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Swift Therapy–The Best Treatment for Plantar Warts

Do you suffer from plantar warts? Want to get rid of them without the painful, traditional methods of removal? Then look no further. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois, our highly trained podiatrist and staff use state-of-the-art technology to treat our patients’ needs. We offer Swift Therapy to get rid of warts without the inconvenience of freezing, burning, or using acid on warts.

What are Plantar Warts?

A wart is an infection on the skin caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). It comes with various viral strains that flourish in moist, warm, and sticky environments such as saunas, communal showers, and bathrooms in gyms. Sweaty and dirty shoes also harbor the virus.

When your body’s immune system is low, HPV attacks the epidermis (the upper skin layer) and causes bumps or granular-looking bumps to grow. The immune system does not recognize these bumps, and therefore it does not trigger a fighting response, allowing the virus to make the skin its home.

Warts can grow anywhere on the body, including your hands. We refer to warts that develop on your foot as plantar warts. For most part, these warts go away on their own. However, the HPV virus decides when it leaves the body. This means it could be a day or last as long as a year. If you have underline immune issues such as diabetes, warts may lead to infections.

For most people, plantar warts are harmless foot conditions and don’t require any medical treatment. However, if they grow in sensitive areas of your foot that require pressure, plantar warts can be intensely painful. Friction from walking, for example, can cause the wart to scrape back and forth. This results in foot pain.

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How Swift Therapy Works

Swift therapy is an external procedure that uses microwave energy to remove warts. The microwave energy produces disruptive signals that alert the immune system to attack and kill the virus.

Unlike traditional methods, Swift Therapy does not involve cutting or breaking into the skin. Rather, we use our FDA-approved Swift device to allocate low-power microwave energy into the afflicted areas. The skin reacts to the heat and friction created.

What is a Full Course of Swift Treatment?

For the procedure to work, you must undergo several 3-second treatments scheduled over several weeks. The discomfort is very minor. Patients have compared it to tiny injections, but most have tolerated its pinch. However, if you are squeamish or apprehensive to pain, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Don’t let plantar warts become an unnecessary foot problem. Often, people let their feet suffer with no thought of themselves. That’s why choosing a reliable podiatrist is imperative for your wellbeing, including the health of your feet. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois, Dr. Breck Tiernan will help diagnose your warts and choose the best treatment plan for your medical condition.

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