A Foot Pain Treatment that Feels Like a Spa? That’s Aquaroll Therapy!

Foot pain from an injury or medical condition can be miserable. If your heels, arches, or ankles are sore and aching, it can make your whole day difficult.

There are a variety of ways to treat foot pain. From topical pain relievers to surgical procedures, there are as many treatments as there are ailments.

We would like to introduce you to a professional treatment done in our office that relieves your pain and pampers you at the same time. Welcome to Aquaroll therapy.

What Does Aquaroll Therapy Do?

Aquaroll therapy uses three basic elements to treat your foot pain: a specialized basin, warm water, and glass beads. Those 30,000 glass beads are the secret to luxurious, effective foot pain relief.

When you place your feet into the Aquaroll basin, the machine is started and the basin shifts to circulate the water and the glass beads, which steadily roll the beads over the feet. That circulation causes gentle compression and vibration for your feet. The stimulation improves blood flow and circulation.

It also feels as though you’re having a spa treatment. The controlled waves of the Aquaroll therapy massage your sore feet while they work their magic. This soothing sensation is a wonderful added benefit to Aquaroll therapy.

Just because Aquaroll feels good doesn’t mean it lacks ineffectiveness. This is a tool that has been used by professional athletes to rebound faster from injuries. So yes, athletes who plunge themselves into ice baths as part of their physical maintenance routines also take advantage of Aquaroll, and for good reasons. The benefits are much more than superficial!

And yes, most patients who undergo Aquaroll report that this feels great. But remember that the soothing sensations are not the sole purpose. They are certainly beneficial, but we also want improved circulation.

What Conditions Does Aquaroll Help Treat?

Your feet are particularly prone to poor circulation. Some of you may have conditions like diabetes that affect blood flow to the feet. But everyone’s feet have one thing in common: they are far from your heart. The further the blood vessels are from that miraculous pump, the harder it is for them to maintain good blood flow.

Increasing the circulation in your feet has benefits far beyond feeling good. Better blood flow can decrease swelling and improve your body’s ability to heal. This is because more blood flow allows for more of the nutrients and growth factors cells need to be delivered. This then allows cells to perform their jobs more effectively – and that includes growth and repair. The increased blood flow will also help reduce swelling by carrying excess fluid away from the area.

While the soothing, vibrating action of Aquaroll’s beads against your feet can help improve your comfort within the moment (especially when it comes to nerve pain), we are also seeking long-term relief through faster healing of what’s causing you pain in the first place.

Aquaroll can be used to help reduce heel and arch pain from such conditions as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Tarsal tunnel sufferers may experience reduced inflammation, relieving the pressure on their tibial nerve.

If you struggle with arthritis, Aquaroll therapy can help soothe inflammation and pain. Improving your circulation can speed up your body’s natural healing if you’re recovering from surgery.

Aquaroll therapy can be used alone or in combination with other treatments. We may even have you do some stretches while the basin operates. This not only helps the session itself be more effective but can help strengthen and build vulnerable areas within your feet and ankles as well. The spa-like feeling of the therapy is complemented beautifully by gentle range-of-motion exercises.

We will be happy to discuss with you whether Aquaroll would be a good fit for your particular needs, or whether other forms of treatment may be preferred.

Is Aquaroll Good for Your Skin?

We have been describing the “beyond the spa” benefits of Aquaroll so far – and frankly, they’re the ones we consider most important. However, it is true that such a treatment can also help your skin look better.

Good circulation does more than relieve pain and reduce swelling. There is potential to see improved skin appearance.

Increased blood flow combined with the contact of the beads on your skin may leave it feeling and looking smoother and younger. You may also discover that age spots and scars are less visible.

Again, we consider these more secondary benefits; but they are additional benefits nevertheless.

Feet that have been treated with Aquaroll showing great results

Aquaroll: Professional Care that Feels Like a Spa

Aquaroll offers the benefits of increased circulation with the luxurious feeling of a spa treatment. The experience feels so good you may forget it’s a treatment at all!

Much like our MLS laser, EPAT therapy, and custom orthotics, Aquaroll therapy is a special tool we employ to help patients who need recovery and relief. But any advanced treatment that also helps our patients feel extra relaxed and happier in the process is certainly not something we’re going to sneeze at!

But this is a professional therapy, administered by qualified staff. The main goal is to decrease your foot pain and inflammation for healthier feet and a more comfortable, active lifestyle. Feeling pampered is a wonderful fringe benefit of this effective, non-invasive treatment technique.

Whatever foot or ankle problems may be impacting you or a loved one, we want to help you find the most effective route to treatment. Whether that includes Aquaroll or other methods will depend on the particulars of your situation. We never make any recommendations for treatment until we’ve been able to make a full examination and learn all we need to about how the issue is affecting your life.

And even if your treatment does not include Aquaroll, we want to make sure you feel well tended to.

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