Preventing Running Injuries With the Right Running Shoes

If you're new to running, you're just starting to get a taste of how wonderful a good run can feel. But you're getting a taste of the other side of running as well, as you start to feel pain in your feet and ankles. If you don't address the problem, the pain could get...

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What You Should Know About Running With Flat Feet

  There are a lot of great ways to get in shape these days, and one convenient way is running. You can run around your neighborhood, in a park, on a treadmill, or on an indoor track. Running also has a number of different benefits, including mood improvement and...

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Are You Trimming Your Toenails Correctly?

  Louise Hollis currently holds the record for the world's longest recorded toenails. Her nails measure approximately six inches long, and as a result, she can only wear open-toed shoes to accommodate her curving nails. Unless you plan to break her record,...

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Strategies to Reduce Foot Pain Between Appointments

Whether you suffer from foot pain related to your occupation or to a previous injury, you know that discomfort in your feet can dramatically impact your life. If you experience foot pain, the first step toward recovery is seeing a podiatrist. After addressing the root...

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Get the 411 on Toe, Foot & Ankle Fractures

Your feet undergo a lot of stress, especially if you work on your feet or play a sport. You may have some success alleviating many conditions affecting the feet on your own. However, some podiatric injuries require professional evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment....

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5 Little-Known Benefits of Walking

You know you need to exercise to improve your health. But there are two things keeping you back: time and money. You don't have the money to join a gym or the time to participate on a sports team. Fortunately, you can maintain good health with an activity that's easy...

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